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Burger King is one of the most popular multinational fast-food chain, which is famous for burgers, drinks, fries, and desserts. Whopper burger and sandwich is the most famous item served by them. Burger King is spreading all over the world rapidly. It is very active in its field. In over 85 countries, there are around 12,000 stores around the world. BK is very cautious about their customers and want them to provide their honest feedback. When the customers will complete the BK Experience survey then they will get a free voucher code in return which they can use on their next visit to Burger King Outlet.

As Burger King is much famous and everyone knows it and often visit it. The main purpose of MyBKExperience is that they want their customers to help the company so that they can improve their services and food quality. You are free to share your opinions regarding the food you ordered in the restaurant.

You can’t enter MyBKExperience Survey without having the Burger King store receipt. When you are buying food at Burger King then your receipt will be needed at checkout. The reason for this is that every receipt which is given by the Burger King contain a unique number which you will need while accessing the official website.

The reward by Burger King includes a Whopper or an original chicken sandwich, which you will get while buying French fries and beverages. The item offered as a reward from the menu may differ with time, month and store. We hope that the customers who are entering the survey are sharing their honest opinions in the survey so that it will help the company to improve their services and other experiences.

Note: My BK Experience only gives you three chances to enter the receipt code correct. After three chances, they will temporarily prevent you to enter the code again. So be alert while are entering the code.

Note:  This is not the official website of Burger King, we only update the information regarding the company to help the customers. This is an independent website and is not affiliated with Burger King.